Custom contract logistics solutions right in your factory!


As an industry expert, the HAAF group of companies designs and implements customized logistics solutions for companies in the automotive, chemical, construction materials, and packaging industries.


At 13 sites with more than 180,000m² of logistics space, we manage modern logistics centers equipped with the best in infrastructure and equipment. In addition to a variably configurable high-rack warehouse, we can provide logistics space for block and row stacking, as well as outside space.


Using intelligent warehouse management systems and scanner technology allows transparent digital handling of all processes within a warehouse. In addition to optimizing cost and perfecting utilization, we can also directly network with our clients by using the appropriate interfaces.


Please contact us for a competitive quote customized for your needs!

Contract Logistics

As logistics experts, in addition to conventional warehousing, we can also offer you a variety of fulfillment solutions and value-added services. The following is what our stand-alone contract logistics solutions include


• Shipment processing
• Kommissionierung
• Quality management/sampling
• Picking & packing/merchandising
• Packaging management
• Marking/labeling
• Empties/returns management
• Display fabrication
• Converting and partial assembling
• Disposal/recycling


We will add value to your logistics chain thanks to a high level of flexibility and reliability. Let us assist you with developing your new logistics concepts and savings potentials along your supply chain, giving you time and energy to focus on your core competences.

Personal Services

Do you struggle with personnel bottlenecks in Logistics or Production due to seasonal fluctuations in orders, or during vacation and sickness periods?


The "Personnel Services" from the HAAF Group will allow you to respond to such challenges with flexibility and speed! Our employee leasing division can provide you with qualified logistics personnel that has years of experience and expertise.


Whether for production disposal services, loading and unloading of vehicles, commissioning, or administrative shipment processing, our long-term employees on permanent contracts will ensure that you can satisfy your customers even during periods when business is booming.


Thanks to our flexible models, you will only pay for the cost of labor you use when you actually need it. Not having to look for personnel will save you time and money, and allow you to focus on your core competences!

Logistics Consulting

In addition to transport and logistics services, we offer our clients competent consulting on, as well as optimization of, logistics processes and structures. Based on comprehensive analyses of existing conditions, we create transparency along the supply chain, and implement reliable processes.


We can deliver customized solutions for new construction of logistics facilities, the outsourcing of logistics projects, or the optimization of transport systems, taking into account aspects of economics and expansion of service concepts.


In close cooperation, we will advise and support you – from the initial idea to the planning phase, to the successful implementation of your new logistics strategy. In addition to the technology aspects, we will be happy to show you innovative options with regard to automating processes or integrating IT systems for the age of digitization.


Join the many companies that already rely on our logistics experts, and profit from our subject-matter competence and industry expertise!

Dedicated Solutions

In addition to managing our own sites, our Dedicated Solutions division is already integrated into the factory structures of our clients.


Here, our portfolio includes activities in the areas of production supply and disposal, end-to-end shipment processing, as well as commissioning, picking & packing at our clients' premises. And our personnel can also support you in these areas by taking on administrative and commercial tasks with a view towards results.


By means of contracts for work or personnel leasing agreements, we can provide you with qualified skilled logistics workers and with helpers to cover order fluctuations for the short term, or for more permanent deployment.


You too can gain more flexibility in order to meet the increasing challenges of the market!

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