The industry specialist: Automotive, Chemicals, Construction, and Packaging

With its three business areas – Jumbo Transports, Intermodal Solutions, and Contract Logistics – the HAAF group of companies specializes in four industries: the automotive, chemical, construction materials, and packaging industries. We are planning and implementing custom jumbo transports by road and rail. In addition, we provide transport-related contract logistics services, all the way up to and including integrated, dedicated in-house solutions at our customer's production plants. Here, we can support our customers by providing procurement as well as distribution and spare parts logistics.


With global sourcing and worldwide supply chain, the automotive industry is depending on transparent, smart and highly flexible logistics processes.


Our automotive customers are trusting on HAAFs reliability and flexibility in delivering optimal solutions. With real-time GPS-tracking and enhanced visibility we always know where your goods are. “Just-in-time” and “Just-in-sequence” deliveries by HAAF ensure that your products are where they need to be – at the right time (& order). This allows our customers to focus on their core processes.


As logistics service provider for the automotive industry, HAAF is supporting our customers in delivering a wide range of solutions from sourcing and storage, to delivery of spare parts for the automotive industry. We ensure highest quality standards and monitor compliance with regular internal and external audits. Thorough management of its Supply Chain including “Just-in-time” as well as “Just-in-sequence” deliveries to their production sites is crucial to the automotive industry.


The metropolitan area of Rhine-Neckar with its companies in the chemical industry is a major driver of the German economy. As HAAF we’ve been supporting key players in the chemical industry for decades in delivering tailormade solutions for logistics services as well as national and international transports.


We’re are continuously developing new solutions to further improve load securing and transports of dangerous goods according to GGVSE to support our customers. Extensive driver training and ADR-equipped trailers help to ensure maximum safety requirements for your shipments and go well beyond the requirements of our SQAS-Certifications. Together with our customers HAAF developed additional load securing systems for special cargo (e.g. for Oktabins) which are also used by other logistics service providers today.


Customers looking for a partner with special unloading capabilities will benefit from our trucks with tail lift or truck mounted forklifts. Temperature controlled transports ensure that your product arrives at your customer in with exactly the right temperature. Together with our customers HAAF developed additional load securing systems for special products (e.g. for Oktabins) which today are also used by other logistics service providers.


Our fleet of “Jumbo-truck trailer combinations” (7,7m + 7,7m) is specially designed to cater the needs of the construction and insulation industry. With an inner width of 2,50m (even between stanchions) and an inner height of 3,00m, our trucks can load up to 120 cbm. An integrated rising roof enables side loading of cargo with up to 3,00 m height. Loading by crane? No problem for our trailers equipped with edscha top.


Together with our customers, HAAF developed demand-based systems for last mile deliveries. With our fleet of more than 45 “Jumbo truck-trailer combinations”, equipped with truck mounted forklifts your products can be delivered to the location where they are needed – close to the job.


Lighter and more agile than industrial forklifts, the truck mounted forklifts significantly increase the flexibility for your deliveries and can be used in challenging conditions such as rough ground or narrow pathways. An ideal solution to deliver to a construction site or a customers’ backyard.


And should you require temporary storage space at your construction site – just ask us for HAAF’s swap bodies.


HAAF is supporting our food industry customers with tailormade transportation services ensuring the high hygiene standards based on HACCP for sensitive transports of food packaging. Our customers additionally benefit from HAAFs expertise in load securing for almost any type of products.


HAAF is operating multiple logistics facilities specialized in servicing the packaging industry. Besides the standards for hygiene, those facilities provide monitoring of temperature and humidity to ensure your products are stored correctly. Distribution concepts for the food industry to safeguard timely deliveries as well as “JIT & JIS” can be arranged 24/7.

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