The HAAF Group: Owner-managed, and ready to invest and grow

As a jumbo specialist in transport-related contract logistics, we have been making the goals of our automotive, chemical, construction materials and packaging industry customers our business for seven decades now. Today, we are continuing to drive the development of our group of companies with entrepreneurial energy, readiness to invest, owner-managed organizational structures, and our team that is committed to growing the business.


The HAAF group of companies has its registered office in Römerberg and is active throughout Europe as a logistics industry specialist from 13 sites with a total logistics area capacity of over 180.000 m² and more than 160 company-owned jumbo vehicles. Your goals will become those of our dedicated crews from among 300+ employees in three business areas – jumbo transports, intermodal solutions, and stationary contract logistics.


The history of the HAAF group of companies reflects the trends and developments of the transport and logistics industry of post-WWII Germany. Since Oskar Haaf founded the trucking company in 1949, the group of companies developed from a localized freight forwarder in the 1970s into the Europe-wide jumbo specialist and to a transport-related contract logistics service provider.


Consequently, the HAAF group of companies started bundling its transport-related contract logistics activities in the early 2000s in a dedicated logistics business unit, HAAF Warehouse Logistics GmbH. Today – in the era of Industry 4.0 – the HAAF group of companies is on its way to becoming an industrial-grade logistics specialist – a provider of individualized solutions customized to customers, with a personal touch and commitment, while making full used of digital solutions.

The HAAF Group in numbers

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> 300


> 300

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years of experience
CEO Christoph Stoll

The HAAF group of companies is a reliable logistics partner that has its roots in the Rhine-Neckar metropolitan region. After a management buy-out, the group is now being managed by the third generation.


Christoph Stoll has been the Managing Partner of the HAAF group of companies since 2015, bearing the bulk of the responsibility for the group's growth trend over the past years. He assumed his management position from Walter Haaf, who had been responsible for expanding his father's – Oskar Haaf's – trucking company since the 1970s into becoming a jumbo speicalist.


Christoph Stoll was not an unknown in the HAAF group of companies, having learned the transport and logistics business from the ground up. After completing an apprenticeship as a freight-forwarding specialist and obtaining a state-certified degree in business management with a specialization in logistics, Christoph Stoll worked in several functions within the Group – from dispatcher to sales manager. He had already been a member of Group Management since 2011 before he assumed the sole managing responsibility in 2015 during the course of a management buy-out.


Walter Haaf has retired from operative management after more than 45 years of managing the family-owned company, supporting the Group as an Advisor these days.

Corporate Governance

The HAAF group of companies has chosen to commit itself to assuming responsibility within the European Rhine-Neckar metropolitan region during a time of digitization and Industry 4.0. We take care of our workforce and its families. And how can you see that? We are making sustainable investments into our clerical and industrial teams, keeping them fit for a digitized work environment in the face of delayed retirements due to the increase in retirement age in Germany.


The HAAF group of companies has its registered office in Römerberg, and thus right in the midst of the European Rhine-Neckar metropolitan region. This is where, in an area of about 5,600 square kilometers, about 2.4 million people live – among them, more than 85,000 college students.


And it is exactly in this European metropolitan region where we have assumed the responsibility for training the next generation of skilled logistics experts. We currently already have more than 20 apprentices amongst us. Here, our apprentices have an active hand in shaping the day-to-day operative work, and we also support their annual apprentices' weekend. In this context, the group of companies completely funds all of the expenses for this apprentice-designed and -organized event. We also feel ethically committed to our drivers. E.g., we invest in on-going training for our drivers to adopt a consumption- and emissions-conscious driving style, and we also provide proprietary housing units for them.


We take care of our workforce, and we appreciate employees who work governed by an entrepreneurial/courageous attitude, developing and implementing individualized solutions while serving our customers. Consequently, we support employees who respect people and the environment, have the flexibility to change as a new production factor in the era of Industry 4.0, and who enjoy working creatively and together with us on shaping the continued growth trajectory of the HAAF group of companies. In doing so, our target vision is that of an industrial-grade industry specialist. A provider of individualized solutions for the automotive, chemical, construction materials and packaging industries that seamlessly merges customer orientation and personal commitment with digitization.


Our company culture is – even in efficiency-focused times of Industry 4.0 – characterized by humanity, care, sustainable management, as well as readiness to invest and entrepreneurial courage. And exactly these reliable characteristics have been proven to be resilient in our conduct towards our customers and employees as we pursue our growth path.


The HAAF group of companies is regularly having its processes and business units audited and certified. Our declared goal is to provide high-quality, premium transport and contract logistics services for the automotive, chemical, building materials, and packaging industries. 
And doing it while complying with safety standards that help save resources, are socially sustainable, and ensure safety.


The ongoing analysis of market trends, technological and process innovations, and the continuous improvement of our process organization result in the desired customer satisfaction. We invest into the continuing education of our workforce. Both in the clerical and in the industrial business areas. This is reflected, e.g., in continuous IT user training, and driver training including the securing of loads. We are quality-certified by SQAS, which is documented by the certificates and audits below.

Green Logistics

In our role as a transport and logistics service provider, we are committed to developing sustainable solutions for protecting our environment. We have been able to decrease our CO2 emissions in particular by maintaining a modern, regularly updated fleet according to the latest emission regulations. Low-noise and highly efficient engines as well as high-performance exhaust gas technologies result in reduced emissions.


In addition, we have been able to decrease fuel consumption by means of regular eco training sessions on how to operate vehicles economically, lower rpms in a focused manner, and use driver assistance systems. Optimized vehicle scheduling and reducing empty and detour kilometers are also contributing to a better carbon footprint.


We are striving to develop new innovative ideas such as the Eco-Liner in order to advance our goal of green logistics.


Haaf Spedition GmbH & Co. KG
Central Römerberg

Werkstraße 4

67354 Römerberg

Phone: +49 62 32 / 818 21


Haaf Warehouse Logistics GmbH Central Römerberg

Werkstraße 4

67354 Römerberg

Phone: +49 62 32 / 818 21



An den Dieken 90 – 92

40885 Ratingen

Phone: +49 21 02 / 565 9531


Haaf Warehouse Logistics GmbH
Logistics Center 1 Hockenheim​

Pfälzer Ring 2

68766 Hockenheim

Phone: +49 62 05 / 232 15 50

Haaf Warehouse Logistics GmbH
Logistics Center 2 Hockenheim​
Pfälzer Ring 23
68766 Hockenheim
Phone: +49 62 05 / 232 15 50
Haaf Warehouse Logistics GmbH
Logistics Center 3 Hockenheim​
Neustadterstraße 10
68766 Hockenheim
Phone: +49 62 05 / 232 15 50
Haaf Warehouse Logistics GmbH
Logistics Center 4 Schifferstadt​

Rudolf-Diesel-Straße 13

67105 Schifferstadt
Phone: +49 62 05 / 232 15 62

Haaf Warehouse Logistics GmbH
Logistic Center Worms​
Mittelrheinstraße 19
67550 Worms
Phone: +49 62 05 / 232 15 50
Haaf Warehouse Logistics GmbH
Logistics Center Kandel​
Erlenbachweg 1
76870 Kandel
Phone: +49 72 75 / 985 35 19
Haaf Warehouse Logistics GmbH
Logistics Center Dudenhofen​

Im Gewerbering 2 – 4
67373 Dudenhofen
Phone: +49 62 05 / 232 15 50

Office Warmsen
Industriestraße 1
31606 Warmsen
Phone: +49 57 67 / 941 94 41
Haaf Warehouse Logistics GmbH
BASF Kontraktorenstützpunkt X170F​

67069 Ludwigshafen
Phone: +49 621 / 636 991 55

Haaf Warehouse Logistics GmbH
Office Neuwied

Rasselsteiner Straße 101
56564 Neuwied

Phone: +49 151 / 1886 8932

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