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Welcome to HAAF

One of many, but not like any other.


HAAF is an independent, customer- and service-oriented forwarding, warehousing and logistics company rich in tradition. Its aim and driving force have been its high adaptability and its continuous development – and this for generations. HAAF Spedition GmbH & Co. KG and HAAF Warehouse Logistics GmbH work together to provide customers with optimal, coordinated services. Our comprehensive definition of service and our focus on the customer have both contributed to our company’s success over the past 50 years in a fiercely competitive market. HAAF Spedition GmbH & Co. KG started out with a horse-drawn cart and a tractor and today has operations at various locations in and outside Germany, maintaining a network of connections stretching across Europe. HAAF Warehouse Logistics GmbH supports this with professional and customized warehouse logistics solutions.

In order to survive in a market characterized by just as many risks as possibilities, companies need to establish partnerships that are based on trust. GHP Spedition und Lagerei GmbH with headquarters in Leuben-Schleinitz was founded jointly by Walter Haaf and the Raßlitzer forwarding company Girbig. As affiliated companies, GHP, jumbo forwarder and warehouse logistics expert, and HAAF have been working in concert for years.

Our top priority is to be an innovative service provider with a focus on our customers‘ requirements and on personal support – then, now, and in the future!